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What drug is stronger pain relief, lorcet or loratab?

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kimmie1 11 Oct 2009

Lots of things. It depends on your tolerance for pain and what your currently taking to make sure it mix's. For chronic pain as example, I take methadone. I don't recommend this for everyone. You should talk to your doctor. Ask him or her what is the best fit for you. I wish you success in your ability to tolerate pain without addicting meds... kimmie1

byoung1960 12 Oct 2009

Thank you for your help. Both are 10's. I will be starting Chemo next Monday. I don't know for sure what med's I will be given then.
Again - thank you

Inactive 12 Oct 2009

They both come in several different strengths, the one with the higher number is stronger. The Lorcet simply has a higher dose of acetaminophen I think.

Buddy1971 15 Oct 2009

There both primarily the same drug( hydrocodone) Loricet has tylonol I'm not sure what else is in lortab,BUT it then depends on the dosage of the non-narcotic drug & the dosage of the narcotic drug. Take Vicoprofin,it contains 200mg ibuprofin & 7.5mg hydrocodone. You'll have to look at the bottle and you should see something like 5/325,which means 5mg hydrocodone & 325mg tylonol. Usally the bigger # is the non-narcotic. Look & see which has the bigger of the small #,and you can see which is stronger. Hope that helps because almost all are formated that way. J.S. free discount card

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