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What drug is equal to oxycontin 80mg?

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christineATU 25 Jan 2011

Hi bill burgo, This is a question that comes down to opinion, not really an exact science. Have you called the pharmacist yet? As far as comparing med to med for pain control, the pharmacist has the best knowledge in this area. One member might say 40mg of methadone controls pain about the same. Others may say MS Contin 100mg is about the same. But these are opinions only. I would ask your pharmacist for his expert opinion on this. Is there a reason you need a different medication? There's other forms of oxycodone that has the same properties and controls pain just as well. I hope you research on the different meds available for pain. Good luck and let us know why you need this switch. IF you need a switch. Sorry for assuming that but there's limited info in your question.
best wishes,

coxdeb0013 11 Jan 2012

I just feel medication may work better I have become tolerant to oxycontin

caringsonbj 25 Jan 2011

one of the things that will help you find the answer you are looking for is a drug convertor, they are found and used by physicians and pharmacists, when a patient is put on one drug and then changed to another a converter is used to show what other drug is equivilent to the same dose that you are taking on another drug, finding a drug that equals such a drug as oxycontin is what one person would tell you another would not agree because we are human being and have unique systems what one drug will do may target the area in a persons brain that does wonder for pain whereas another drug might be totally ineffective, so it is subjective, for some MS contin (Morphone works wonders, for other it causes side effects and does not do the job, another example some people do well on Fentanyl patches, they are usually changed on the skin every 3 days and the medication goes into the skinand is absorbed but that also has it's pro's and con's, so talk with both your doctor and pharmacist they may be able to give you another answer that is better than mine

how long 26 Jan 2011

Opana ER 40mg (oxymorphone). would be the same conversion as 80mg of Oxycontin. This is according to the conversion charts. free discount card

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