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What drug is alternative to marijuana?

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Inactive 30 Sep 2009

There really isn't medicine that is an alternative to marijuana. They do have pills called Marinol that have the active ingredients of marijuana to treat people in great pain and those taking chemo. I hope I answered you correctly.

Psychmajor 29 Nov 2009

oh oh!! jwh-018 or something like that... to bad its going to be illegal very soon. its a synthetic canabinoid with the same quality of high as pot there are also different numbers which have stronger effects. (maybe its jhw i forget)

motherfluffer 7 Jan 2010

now-a-days there is alot of herble substances that produce the same effects of marijuana but are legal because they do not contain THC, the chemical responsable for the high feeling, but the long term effects of the herbs are not as of yet known. how ever, if your interested, you could purchase these substances online. the shop is called head store, look it up online and do some research before purchasing free discount card

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