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What drug/drugs combined work best for fibromyalgia?

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geekygranny 18 May 2010

Before we talk meds, lets talk about what you can do first.

First off, you need to work on sleep. Get a sleep study done to see if you are getting to the delta stage of sleep.

I take tryptophan, 5HTP, and melatonin to help me sleep. Sleep is essential because your body needs to regenerate the hormones burned by pain signals and repair the body.

Before bed take a hot bath with epsom salts. That will help ease the pain of fibro quite a bit. Also, I use a great spray made especially for fibro called O24 Fibromyalgia.

Stress will increase your pain so learn ways to destress yourself.

NOW the Medication

Doctors will typically start you off on a simple pain NSAID like naproxen and an antidepressant like amitriptyline to help kill pain. Another med to get would be SOMA for the muscle spasms.

You might want to join NFA to get info on research that is going on.

Also change your diet. Get off sugar and white flour foods.

Lightly exercise. I love the water aerobics.

I hope this info helps. I know it's more than you asked but you sound like were just diagnosed and I have had it for years.

Mary Seroski
Leader of Boise Fibromyalgia Support Group

Ijuicedit 26 May 2010

Wow this question can definately not be answered by anyone alone Blackonyx. You have a condition that is so hard to control with just one drug for everyone with fibro. I am thinking you are speaking of the pain issues associated with fibro and want to know the best drug for this issue. I think the best I could do is suggest a few I have tried. Amitriptaline- caused some ups and downs (mentally) didn't help pain issue, helped sleep better. Morphine Sulphate - made me extremely tired and I had reverse reaction to this it caused more muscle pain for some reason. Lyrica ( pregabalin) - I didn't do well on this either it made my heart rate soar and I was in almost a drunken state after second pill but I must say pain was decreased if you don't have an alergic reaction to it. I am now on Fentanyl Patch and started at 25mg and staying at 50mg. I think personally the patch was the best for pain so far because I don't have the ups and downs as it gives a smooth steady flow of medicine over 3 days time. I also take 5mg of Oxycodone for breakthrough pain (without the Tylenol). As long as you don't have issues with addiction I would say these 2 meds combined have saved my life from pain and fatigue. I was on the oxycodone alone for a year and I had so many ups and downs. If you are in alot of pain all the time you need a long acting med too. By the way I am sure most people know you need to tolant to narcotics before being placed on patch it is a very strong med. Well gluck with everything and I hope this answer helps. free discount card

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