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What does the first number stand for example 325-10mg hydroco/apap?

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vtech10 8 May 2010

its 2 medicines in 1 pill strength is 325 of hydrocodene(or in the family of that type of medicine/ and tylenol 10mg amount added generic of it is apap..vtech10

Rajive Goel 8 May 2010

Could you please write down the full name of the medication?

Rajive Goel 8 May 2010

Thanks Vtech

vtech10 8 May 2010

i am sorry for that you guys i am pretty tired today should have been more detailed... about the medication ... vtech10

Rajive Goel 8 May 2010

Thanks, was nevertheless helpful, cheers!

fragile1 10 May 2010

As I understand, the 325 is the amount of Tylenol and the 10mg. would be the Vicodin. Hope this answers your question. free discount card

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