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What does suboxen show up as in a drug screen?

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subzero58 14 Sep 2010

hi ms cindy,im subzero58 you can call me sub,subzero,subzero58 or you can call me pete. that is entirely up to you.but you asked the most asked question on sub that most nubes i gotta give you the most wacky answer you ever heard.there are many diffrent kinds of urine tests. sub shows up as buprenorphine only on tests that look for wont show up opiate only bup.there are 5 panal tests for it 10 -12 panal tests that can pick up bup or sub same thing.your gonna hear all kinds of answers,so dont get up set.if your legal with a scrip don't worrie.but if your not worrie but not a lot. P.O. parole officers only use it if they think you might be cheating.that's about as good as an answer you can get. anyway,welcome to and the buprenorphine,subutex,suboxone groups hope you will post at regular intervals.there are some very knowledgeable and very friendly people here... pete

ms.cindy 14 Sep 2010

hi sub thank u 4 answering my question ihave another ? if u are not a regular marihauana user and u just happen 2 smoke 1 how long does itr take 2 get out of your system? T.Y.concerned pain clinic test

Inactive 14 Sep 2010

Depending on if you are a slim person or if you are younger and have a higher metabolism, it will clear in 2 weeks, or if older/heavier 4 weeks.

freeme123 15 Sep 2010

Yup. Need a special suboxone /bupe test to detect it These are cheap tests and are being used more and more at pain mgmt., drug clinics, parole offices, etc I think it can take as few as 2 or as many as 6 plus days to clear for a clean urine test . Many factors - how much, how long , last dose etc. Google sub urine tests for more info than you ever wanted!! Good luck...

booter46 18 Sep 2010

My Doctor told me it would not show on a drug test. But I would believe pete before my Doctor. Maybe I need a new doctor. Oh yeah it did not show but that dont mean they tested for it. But my Doctor didnt know what they were testing for. free discount card

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