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What does (sp) tab. 7.5/32 mean on a prescription bottle?

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christineATU 30 Mar 2010

Since you asked this question in the hydrocodone group, I can only assume it is 7.5 mg of hydrocodone and 325 mg of acetaminophen. If you have the actual pills, you could look it up in the Pill Identifier at the top of the page. Don't bank on my answer as I am not a pharmacist. Hope this helps.

subzero58 30 Mar 2010

hi clhyde, looks like our girl chrisi is on her game today."survey says" thumbs up on that one. yea,you gotta get up real early in the morning to stump chrisi!!!

christineATU 30 Mar 2010

My back is my alarm clock! It goes off at 4am sharp! And I mean SHARP!

subzero58 30 Mar 2010

ouch! 4am. i know,maybe dd could tell you how to avoid this complication. but im sure methadone is not the answer. wow,did you hear that question from 200 mg of methadone a day. i was like,i dont what you gona tell your doctor. with 200mg a day,keep your mouth shut and just say thank you doc. see you next month.

christineATU 30 Mar 2010

I ain't asking dd shit! Nothing but a walking, talking dictionary of technical terms. Not a passionate bone in his avatar!

christineATU 30 Mar 2010

Where was that question??? did I leave a comment? did you? I can't find it.

christineATU 30 Mar 2010

BTW... how about a little humor on the question (ramble) I posted... I sure could use a kick in the pants

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