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What does eash colour of sputum means ?

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Psyched 18 Oct 2010

Hope this is what you were referring to:
Rusty sputum-a reddish brown, blood-stained expectoration characteristic of lobar pneumonococcal pneumonia.

Prune-juice sputum-a thin reddish expectoration, characteristic of necrosis of lung tissue, usually by infection; due to hemorrhage caused by destruction of the lung parenchyma; sometimes seen with lung tumors.

Sputum aeruginosum(green sputum)-a green expectoration seen occasionally in jaundice, due to staining of the sputum by bile pigments.

Nummular sputum(globular sputum)-a thick, coherent mass expectorated in globular shape that does not run at the bottom of the cup but forms a discoid mass resembling a coin. free discount card

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