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What does aderall show up as in a drug test?

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christineATU 6 Jun 2010

It's a class ll controlled substance. I believe it shows as amphetamines.

Inactive 6 Jun 2010

Bingo; amphetamines. Meaning that people looking at the results could assume its from meth, coke, crank, etc

GlitterGirl77 6 Jun 2010

My sister in-law takes that , and she failed her drug test at work because of it . It comes up as methanphetomens ( I know that is not spelled right sorry ) . She had to get a letter from her doctor and a copy of the script so that she wouldn't get fired .

I hope that this answers some questions for you .

christineATU 7 Jun 2010

no one cares about spelling here. :-) Your sister-in-law should have disclosed the info before the test. It would have saved her a lot of stress. Happy to hear she didn't get fired.

Take care Glittergirl!
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