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What does a typical meal look like while on incivek?

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JOHNNYHEP 29 Oct 2011

meals can be regular size but must contain 20 grams fat.
usually I am off my regular meal schedule so I take them with a fatty snack

2 bags potato chips

25 fat grams of peanuts

bagel and cream cheese (both halves )

macaroni and cheese with a candy bar!

Sophronia 11 Mar 2013

Actually meals don't have to be 20grams of fat. You have to eat 20 grams of fat with the medication. I would like to clear that up. It's a miracle if you can eat the 20 grams of fat and hold it down. Ensure has fat grams and so do avocados. Two things that are good for you while on this treatment. Macaroni and cheese with a candy bar? That is terrible. Look at what you are being treated for. Maybe you should get a referral to a nutritionist and learn how to eat for a healthy liver.

Dillodog 14 Feb 2013

I take my Incivek either as a early breakfast 6am breakfast foods bagel cream cheese etc. my 2pm usually as a snack after my meal , my 10pm as a snack too. I would rather add the extra fat than rely on what I ate an hour or more before doing the job. The drug is fat soluble and if there's not enough it will pass through without dissolving which wont help it work and is the big cause of fire in the hole from what my pharmacist told me. There are good fats as well as bad out there. Read labels and google up 20 grams of fat ;).

MeStage3 15 Feb 2013

Hello Dillo. Besides the 20 grams of fat, did your pharmacist have any recommendations for preventing "fire in the hole" I have seen the suggestions for Tucks and Preparation H and I will use whatever means necessary to minimize this particular side effect. I want to be able to firmly plant my arse down for whatever reason whenever I want. How else am I supposed to curl up with this lap top and visit with my Hep C commrades.

Dillodog 15 Feb 2013

No that's what she said would help the most. If the Incivek doesn't dissolve in the stomach it seems to burn the whole way down the track and very much on the way out. T
if you google "20 grams of fat" you'll find a link to a blog thehepcexperiment. there a long list of fat items there.
That, using a good moisturizing cream like Aveeno after your shower ( I itch a lot for the first couple of days after the injection and combo of Incivek or Ribo )
Drink a lot of fluids stay hydrated drink half your weight in ozs of water a day like I weigh 180 lbs so supposed to drink 90 oz of water a day, free discount card

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