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What do you think of the percocet 15 are they better then the 10 for pain?

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christineATU 4 Jul 2010

Personally, I think they work better. Also the increase in acetaminophen will help with the pain. Please be careful with the amount of acetaminophen you take as it is directly connected with liver damage. Good luck to you and hope you have a pain free day!

Lil Stevie 4 Jul 2010

I agree with Christine. If you are taking this for chronic pain ie on a long term basis you might want to switch to a perc that does not include asprin. I apoligze I do not recal the name but I know a few people that are on it. Then of course there are the longb lasting types...
But sure a stronger mix of the medicine in the pill will give you a better shot of controlling the pain levels , if you need more.

christineATU 4 Jul 2010

Usually oxycodone isn't prescribed for acute pain. But I agree, if you have chronic pain, you should be on a med like oxycontin. Hydrocodone, oxycodone, lortabs, etc, when taken for a period of time, you will become tolerant and need to keep upping the dosage. So you're better off with a pain med without any acetaminophen. free discount card

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