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What do you take for depression after a stroke?

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Marvell 6 Jan 2010

You really need to discuss it with your doctor.

Shemaqua 6 Jan 2010

I had an ischemic stroke and a month later had a massive heart attack and quad bypass surgery. I suffered from major depression. I finally had to just decide if I wanted to live or not. I decided to live. Not that I was afraid of DEATH, I simply had too much I wanted to do before I wanted to go.

If you need therapy of any kind, get it. You will find that a good therapist will be very understanding, yet won't let you give up on yourself and will keep you fighting for full recovery even if you know that is not possible. If you need couciling, the same. If you belong to a church, that's a good place to start Find yourself a good stroke support group. Just being around other understanding people can be of a great help. Some times close friends and family just aren't enough as they want to do everything for you. You have to learn to do things on your own.

Shemaqua 11 Jan 2010

I didn't mean to imply that you shouldn't talk to a doctor about your depression. If you have checked my other postings you will se that is one of the first things you must always do, I simply forgot this time. (another side effect of the strokes) I hope you find an answer you can LIVE with.

clm1970 7 Jan 2010

Yes, you really need to discuss with your provider. Some medications that are given for post stroke depression are Celexa, Zoloft, Lexapro. Good luck.

jttt33 11 Jan 2010

yea man thats serious you really dont need to get your answer off of here you need to go straight to your dr about that one.also look it up how antidepressant effect stroke victims.i think you would be safe with any of them because my grandmother had a stroke 4 yrs ago and she takes prozac so i imagine all of them should be ok but im no doc talk to him or her first. free discount card

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