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What do you do with a depressed fifteen year old girl?

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Inactive 1 May 2011

Hi Kaykaymill,
Please take her to a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist as soon as possible. If she is clinically depressed she needs to be seen very soon. Too many teens are becoming statistics, from suicide. I don't want to frighten you, but she needs to be evaluated.
Best wishes to you and your girl,

LaurieShay 1 May 2011

Hey Kaykaymill,

Yes, as Sweetlemon suggested, have her evaluated by a psychiatrist immediately. In fact, you may have her evaluated by the primary doctor so to get a referral to a psychiatrist and therefore get an appointment even sooner. This is nothing to ignore and hope it goes away.

Best wishes,

caringsonbj 2 May 2011

I agree with Sweetlemon, find a good therapist/psychologist/ someone who can help get to the route of the problem, Depression is nothing to fool around with the sooner she see's a qualified person the better, being able to talk about what is causing the depression is a big part of the battle, I had a similar experience, things worked out, I ws not happy about having to go because I was so depressed that it seemed like I would just hope it would go away, I had parents who had the insight to help me get the help that I needed and I am so very thankful for that, I wish you the very best, please keep us posted

Inactive 2 May 2011

Please Kaykaymill, post again, let us know how she is doing???

hope316 2 May 2011

Hi Kaykaymill,

As mentioned already, she does need to see a therapist (psychologist or counselor) as soon as possible. You can discuss with the therapist her need for medication. If you decide to put her on medication, I strongly recommend that she see a psychiatrist (they are more familiar with mental illness and psychotropic medications than a regular doctor, and can better address her specific needs).

Inactive 2 May 2011

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