I have been on suboxone since march. My ins. changed and so did my dr and it doesnt give me the option to have a dr whose allowed to write sub. I quit taking it 5 days ago. I have also been diagnosed with lupus and rheumatiod arthritis and honestly the sub. wasnt touching the pain. so my dr wrote me percocets, only 3 a day. I waited until i was off the sub. for 3 days before i started taking the percocets by my choice but i'm still very nervous that i might overdose?? ive lost a best friend at 23 and 9 other friends to methadone overdose. I also take a very low dose of klonopin for major anxiety i am actually prescribed more but too scared to take it. I need to know how long until i can safely take the prescribed amounts of my meds that i really need due to this severe pain??