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What do they mean when they want drug levels in pain management?

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Inactive 24 Jan 2010

They will drug test you to make sure you are taking the amount of pain medicine that you are prescribed. Many people do not take the prescribed amount and sell the extra pills and that is why they would test someone and it will be random. There have been quite a few posts of people who were taking their meds and still tested negative and were kicked off their pain med program. All things can have manufatures defects or expire and I would alway take a home drug test with me if I were on one of those programs when I had to be tested or demand if you fail to take another test from a different batch.

harleyhoney2130 25 Jan 2010

how does it work if you have thyroid problems would that effect your motablisim and make it off . what would make it off .

Inactive 25 Jan 2010

they would check blood for that and it should be accurate. free discount card

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