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What do methadone pills look like? Is there any such thing as a 100mg. round small tannish color?

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christineATU 29 Nov 2010

There are several different images. I've seen them in 5, 10, and 40mg. I'm not sure if they come in a stronger mg. If you go to "Pill Identifier" at the top of this page and click on it, then click on "I agree" you could then type in the name of the medication (scroll down a little to medication name) Just type in Methadone and it will show the images of the pills.

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leoofspring 30 Nov 2010

thank you chris for your answer on my question. Come to find out they were seroquel? i don't know but again thanks

oxyaaron 30 Nov 2010

there isnt a 100mg methadone, just 5,10 and her 40mg ones you can only get at a clinic

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leoofspring 30 Nov 2010

thank you for your response. Come to find out they were seroquel!!!

fall queen 30 Nov 2010

oxyaaron. Your info seems to be right on target. I get methadone at a pain management doctor. My (10mg.) are retangular with a score down the middle, they are made by mallikroft (spelling). They stopped giving me the 40 mg. diskets, but I know they are still given at methadone programs. Whenever I have been in the hospital, the methadone was round. BTW, you can PM me now, I reciprocated as a friend. Thanks Fall Queen free discount card

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