I am going to need some major dental surgery in the not too distant future.
The first of it all will be getting a tooth pulled.
Then I'll need some implants and/or bridge work, etc. I'm not even sure which route I will take. It is going to be expensive, and from what I hear PAINFUL!!

SO..my question is who has had surgery and have you gone off the Suboxone in order to take pain meds to cope with the frightful pain which accompanies these procedures?
I know 'normal' people don't have to make these plans. My situation is not that of the other every day person. I'd like to be ready and whatever that takes I want to be prepared.
Does having a tooth and it's route pulled painful? What about a route canal? Actually, I had one of those years and years ago. I guess I took some pain meds back then. Then, my drug of choice wasn't pain meds, so I do not remember exactly what I did.

I'm willing to listen to any and all of your stories, opinions and experiences!

thanks, again!