Can someone please give me guidence/advise. I have been on very large amounts of Codeine for 2 years, this was prescribed to me by my Doctor. Everything was fine at first for around 8 months when I uped my dose and at this time I didn't know or feel I was addicted. Just before Christams 2009 I decided that I would just stop taking them as my world had stared to revolve around them. Of course within 48/72 hours later I was in the hell of severe W/D. I called my doctor and told him what happened and he referred me to a clinice for drug dependants. I cannot understand why my doctor just kept giving them to me and never called me in to see if I was having problems, maybe if he had I wouldn't be where I am now. The clinic suggest that I go on Methadone or Suboxine. I have know idea about drugs, I only know here in the UK that it is given to heroin addicts. I ahve a good job, husband, lovely home never been in any trouble, never taken drugs and here I sit terrified of the future and what is going to happen to me in the future. So please if anyone can help, I firstly need to know about hese drugs, what the difference is between them, what will they do to me and is there any hope that I will be the person I was before I started to take them.

Thank you if you reply, please help as if I dont get support from somewhere soon I really dont know how I am going to survive.