I have fibroids and my periods are very heavy, to the point were I have big blood clots coming out of me. My GYN doctor put me on Loseasonique, since you only get 4 periods a year. I've been taking it for 8 weeks. In the beginning I had light spotting. I went to my primary doctor a few weeks ago for severe headaches I've been having on & off. She told me to get some blood work done, I did and she said I was anemic. Which i figure because of my heavy bleeding. She put me on iron pills; ferrous sulfate and folic acid. I take these once a day. I started taking these on 4/2/10 and my period started on 4/4/10. As of today 4/15/10, my period is still on and it is heavy bleeding. Could the iron pills be interacting with the Loseasonique? Which could be causing my period to stay on longer. Before I started taking the iron pills my period normally lasted 6 days.