After seeing a Chiropractor last month, I found out the reason for my acute back pain is 3 subuxulations (misalignments) in my spine along with a misalignment of the hip. Every since I was very young I would suffer from back pain and stiffness which goes hand in hand with the Chiropractor telling me I have lost 40% of my health from pinched nerves. I am at the point where I want to jump out of my own skin some times. My friend told me to take one of his pain killers, called an Percocet, which relieved everything completely. I asked him if I could ask any doctor for them and he said no I'd get flagged for drug abuse since I'm 20- which I then learned about the fact its related to heroin. At this point I need something for the pain besides fish oil. How do I approach this subject with the doctor? Is there anything else I can take besides this?