Hello I'm currently a senior and having issues finding the right medication. I have social anxiety, OCD, generalized anxiety, and bipolar.
I first tried prozac but made me mania so I quit.
Though my social anxiety is bad that I'm constantly worrying about my new school that I'm going to go to.
I tried Prozac and Lithum so far but they didn't really do anything but give me bad side effects.
I'm currently taking Divalproex a mood stablizer, risperdone 2mg tab, .5mg ativan, 20mg propanopal, and 10mg busperione. I feel like none of these medications are helping me and every time I approach my doctor I always have a bad appointment.
I'm bipolar so I can still take antidepressants for anxiety? I hear antidepressants help a lot for social anxiety and I have school soon.
PLEASE any advice would be appreciated.. sry bout the bad grammar..