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What damage can 24 mg of xanax taken within 6 hours cause?

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Inactive 1 Nov 2010

That much Xanax could cause death... please please do NOT take this amount!!!


marjorie zych 1 Nov 2010

sweetlemon is right this can cause a severe overdose and put you in a coma or death. Please do not take this amount and get some help if needed, you can also reach out here as well but we all need the pros once in awhile, take care, marjorie zych

oxyaaron 7 Nov 2010

that wayyy to much even for someone with a tolerance

Heaslip92 17 Nov 2017

I have taken over 20mg of xanax many times. My tolerance to benzos is insane and I hate it but it was my fault taking benzos every day for a few years off and on. I used to take 6 mg and be totally out of it. Now I don't even get the greater feeling I had when my tolerance was lower. Just make sure your xanax are the real deal and come from a pharmacy because their are alot of fentanyl laced xanax bars that have caused many people to overdose and many are dying free discount card

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