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What could happen if I quit morphine cold turkey?

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marjorie zych 30 Apr 2010

I would not suggest you go cold turkey, call your doctor or drug clinic for help you could get very sick. A family member of mine went called turkey off Morphine and had lung and heart issues for quite awhile it wasn't pretty watching it. I went called turkey off Fentynal Pain Patches and ended up in the hospital violently ill for six days. Please get help before doing this. I don't know how your health is but if you have any health issues it could be even worse. Hope this info helps you in your decision. Good luck

Kellygirl014 2 Jan 2017

I went to get my refills where I'm now being sent to a pain clinic they requested an MRI my ins.denied it so they won't give me any thing and I've been taking it for 13 years and am presently taking 180 mg a day and am out

eyeslikeice 6 Jun 2010

my boyfriend quit cold turkey and he went through a week or so of hot and cold flashes, insomnia, very upset stomach, feeling sick the whole time..

TwiceQuitter 8 Jul 2012

I am 54, and I quit, legally prescribed Morphine use on November 23, 2005. I have had a partial lung removal and have a very damaged immune system from a fifteen year bout with EMPYEMA (not a typo), and the damage it caused. It is an build up of infectious fluid, mine in my right chest from untreated pneumonia. You are supposed to die in weeks if left untreated. Mine went dormant for fifteen years before the doctors found it. And then, only because I went comatose in the ER. That began a six month (hospitalized) odyssey of being near death, until, after four months they finally got it under control. Now you know why I was on it. free discount card

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