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What could be the the effects of melatonin (3mg) and zolpidem (5 mg) taken together?

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Inactive 11 Apr 2010

You would definitely go to sleep but there would be no need to take the melatonin alongside the Ambien (zolpidem).I am prescribed 10mg Ambien for insomnia and have absolutely never needed to add anything to it to make it stronger or work better b/c it is so potent by itself. Melatonin is a mild and natural sleep-aid whereas Zolpidem is a strong narcotic one.If 5mg isnt giving you the help that you need then I strongly suggest you talk to your Dr about moving to 10mg tablets instead of adding or mixing different sleep-aids or ask him/her if you could take 2 tablets instead of just the one??

christineATU 11 Apr 2010

Excellent advice mom! Hope your ailments are improving.

wwpeterson 11 Apr 2010

Thank you for your response mom of 7. 10mg of zolpidem was very effective for about 4 hrs. then I was awake. Seems 3mg melatonin and only half dosage of zolpidem gives me 6 to 7 hrs. Or at least if I wake up I can immediately go back to sleep for couple of hrs. I did not want to combine meds then find myself driving a car or doing laundry in my sleep as cautioned on the zolpidem packaging. My physical reaction to narcotic based drugs is not always as positive as with other people so I keep their usage to a minimum. Appreciate all the input and experiences of others.

Inactive 11 Apr 2010

Had to giggle about the doing laundry or driving while on it.My husband HATES when I take Ambien b/c Ive been known to wander around aimlessly making elephant ears from scratch like you get from the fair or just doing kooky things like that.It causes short term amnesia so I tend to do things and not even remember them the next morning.But everyone else does and Im so embarrassed.Lol So are you saying you try to only take a small amt of it and add other sleep-aids with it so that you dont get the full crazy effect of it?

wwpeterson 12 Apr 2010

Yep! That's is just what I'm saying... not so much ambien, only 5mg., and I sleep longer with a little melatonin. I haven't seen any evidence of my doing anything crazy or "sleep walking" yet but did see this warning on the packaging. Also, I don't take ambien every night. Maybe only 4 times a week max. Trying to keep away from dependence. When I don't take ambien I take 4-5mg of melatonin with one extra strength tylenol.

Inactive 12 Apr 2010

LOL you dont do anything crazy THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT!! LOL Im kidding. I dont take Ambien every day either.I take Trazadone which is prescription but it just makes my whole body so tired that I gladly go to bed.And I havent been known to do anything stupid wile taking it.Infact,I only take Ambien if Ive been up for a couple days and need instant sleep.I havent gotten addicted to either one but I give you kudos for making efforts not to get addicted. free discount card

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