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What could be the reason why I go to the washroom like 3 times within the hour?

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DzooBaby 9 Feb 2012

Do you mean to urinate or to have a bowel movement? If you are urinating frequently, there are many reasons for this. It could be as simple as you are drinking more fluids than usual but if frequency is accompanied by burning and urgency, you might have a urinary tract infection. Sometimes some people only have frequency as their only symptom of UTI. Your Dr can do a quick urine test to find out if you have a UTI (urinary tract infection). Sometimes increased urination can be a sign of diabetes. This can be confirmed by a simple blood test. There are a few other reasons as well, but in any case, you should see your Dr for a good workup. Frequent bowel movements can be caused by many things as well. It could be something that you ate. It could be because of increased fiber in your diet or taking a fiber supplement. If the stools are loose then it could be bacterial in origin. You should definitely see about making an appointment with your Dr and have a few simple tests run to see if there is any reasons for increased need to urinate or have frequent BM's.

DzooBaby 9 Feb 2012

I just noticed you had the question about the breasts too. Girl, if you are urinating frequently and your breasts are sore and heavy, I could bet the farm that you are pregnant! Go get yourself a home pregnancy test. I hope that pregnancy will be welcome news for you (if that is indeed what it is). Keep me posted as I'm curious to know if I am right. If you need someone to talk to, you are welcome to talk to me privately. I used to work at a family planning clinic and I've done a lot of pregnancy counseling. I will be very happy to help you or just be someone to talk to! Dzoo

pup6767 10 Feb 2012

Dear Juicy... I agree with Dzoo... everything she said... and yes dear, we do need some more info... and then we would love to help you... pup free discount card

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