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What could be the cause of burning during urination in a 9 year old girl?

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Inactive 16 Sep 2011

It can be soap, pin worms, an allergy to your laundry detergent, or something a bit worse. I freaked when my young daughter complained, took her to pediatrician, he said try to not use soap in the vaginal area for a few days, see if it stops, you can have her wash her rear, but keep soap away from the vaginal area for just a couple of days, see if it stops. If you have reason to suspect it is not one of the first 3 things I mentioned, talk to her pediatrician and keep her safe. There is a gently feminine wash you could get for her and use that, it is by summers eve, but most stores have their own brand, it is gentle. Keeping you in my prayers. Patti

Inactive 16 Sep 2011

Please do not use bubble baths for any little girl. It's is a well documented fact that bubble bath can cause urinary tract infections in young girls...

DzooBaby 16 Sep 2011

Mary is right! Bubble bath is way too harsh for little vaginas (even grown up ones for that matter), soap can cause it as well as using strong bleach in the laundry when washing underpants. I prefer to use Baby Magic baby bath as a cleanser for that area. It is much gentler than soap. She may have just irritation or she may have a full blown UTI. Please take her to the pediatrician. I got my first UTI at the age of 2. Occasionally burning in a young girl can signal previous molestation but that is not the only cause-there are many other causes. If you suspect molestation, keep her safe, and enlist the help of the pediatrician. They can do an exam and tell if there are signs that someone is doing something they should not be.

litlmommag 16 Sep 2011

Getthenews don't freak ut little girls get this problem all the time. She has a yti a bladder infection r a yeast infection. Little girls have a hard time cleaning themselve properly. A squirt bottle for them works nice t spray themselves off. Flushable wipes alsoo usefull. Don't give bubble baths actually showers are better so she doesn't sit in soapy water. Use a gentle cleaning bar like dove for showers not perfumed. They say ivory is good but burns me so I don't use. And make an apt fr the dr for an antibitic they will need a small urine sample not much. If she is having a prob urinating have her drink 1 or 2 glasses of water to fill the bladder b4 urinating that will make her feel better. This is a pretty common prob for little growing girls don't worry she will be ok!!! I'm sorry to say this about the other quote malestaion was a jump in which I really don't think should have been in your mind.

Inactive 16 Sep 2011

As Mag says this is very common in little girls. In the Ped Clinic we saw this alot and most times it was the same little girls. It could be as simple as soap, bubble bath or wiping the wrong way, or just not cleaning herself right. I don't think its anythng to panic about. See the doc and get a ua done and if some meds needed to clear up the doc will give you a script. Von-1

Inactive 16 Sep 2011

Jaime, I agree it's probably not the case of molestation, but it does happen, & the Moms are usually the last to know so I do not think Dzoobaby was at all out of line with her answer. Moms should always be on the lookout for this. free discount card

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