List any Psychological or Physical disorders that are comorbid with any subtype of the three disorders listed above. The details will help including what symptoms you had, what tests and information were used to make a diagnosis, and what treatment regimen you are using and what comments and suggestions you have. I am especially curious about a few in particular that I am in the process of ruling out. These include Hypothyroid, Low Testosterone, Low DHEA, Sleep Apnea, Vitamin or Mineral Deficiencies, and Low Pregnenolone. These are a few of the conditions I am ruling out because even 60mg Vyvanse and 30mg Adderall IR taken together have little effect. This stimulant tolerance started immediately after I was first prescribed Vyvanse at 20mg. It doesn't really matter how much I take, it either doesn't work long or with any strength. This is why I think I may have another disorder comorbid along with my already diagnosed ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, and Major Depression. I am a Pre-Med student and do this problem takes a huge priority in my life and any help is greatly appreciated.