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What cold/cough medicine can be used while also taking Citalopram by a 15 year-old?

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3 Apr 2011

You must avoid the medicines which contain the cough suppressant dextromethorphan eg. Robitussin DM.
Ask your pharmacist for advice.

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JPALMAJR 3 Apr 2011

Yes, I understand that I must avoid dextromethorphan. My problem is finding a cough medicine that does not contain that drug. It is contained in Robitussin, Delsym & TheraFlu to name a few.

Also, my pharmacist dismisses your advice altogether. She said that I could use any of these cough medicines, with the excpetion of Sudafed. Her reason was that the amount of dextromethorphan is small over a short period of time and would not cause the problems listed in the warning.

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