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What causes a negative test for opiates as I take hydrocodone 5/500?

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nucproff 7 Dec 2011

One reason would be the drug panel was never ran, which lots of companies do due to the cost. Two, you are one lucky person who excretes quickly, or they knew you were taking the medication, the amount, the reason why it is in your system, you have a prescription, and a medical excuse to take the hydrocodone. You are always asked pre-screen what meds you are on, and what have you taken.

brucejo22 7 Dec 2011

I have been prescribed this for more than a year ago for severe back pain and arthritis and I even called Labcorp who runs the test and they feel the drs. office is not filling the forms out correctly. This is the second time it has happened and it makes me feel bad when the dr. questions me about it. But I know and God knows that I take this and need it. And when I called to try and talk to my dr. the nurse refused to let me tell him what labcorp said.Its just frustruating that it has happened twice. Thanks for your help.

nucproff 8 Dec 2011

LabCorp is notorious for urine screen analysis false/neg and false/positve results. You have the right to be tested elsewhere if your Dr is concerned about the negative result, which may cause your physician to question if you are or are not taking the medication due to negative results from the lab. Better yet, you have a right to a copy of the drug screen panel results, free of cost to you, then look at it for the results under opiates-opioid, which will give you the exact mm/blood volume amount, or it is reported in nano grams as well. Take it to your Dr's appointment and tell the front office to make a copy for themselves and place in your patient file for reference, and you keep the original for your records. It is best to call LabCorp before just showing up to have a copy ready for you, tell them you had a negative result, and need the copy for proof etc., then you will see if it was actually one of the panels ran on the screen...

nucproff 8 Dec 2011

As far as your Dr filling the forms out wrong, I have doub t that it is occuring at the office, as LabCorp is responsible to make sure these "chain of command" forms are valid, filled in, accurate, correctly filled in, signed, and documented. Next time, ask the collection person to check the form before it is sent out for the exact drug screen panel that your physician has requested, if it is not, they only need to pick up a phone and fix this for you at the time of the collection. Sounds like a grave error on the labs part, so help yourself, and save the stress you are experiencing. Plus ask the Dr/nurse to make sure these forms are marked correctly from/for the lab to obtain the right screen for you. free discount card

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