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What can you do to gain weight? I'm a complete paraplegic would like to gain 20 pounds?

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barbles2413 7 Jan 2010

Have you considered a nutritionist. Also there are Health Food and supplements stores there are shakes bars etc. I am sure your insurance will pay for a consult Hope this helps Barb

snowgoer68 15 Feb 2010

Hi sweetie, you have a problem not too many others on here have especially with as long as you have been wheelchair bound. You must hardly eat anything because I know I eat between 500-650 calories a day just to maintain and would like to lose 12lbs. I have been in a wheelchair for 14 ears but that's only cause as you now I am an above knee amputee. wish I could eat more. Why do you think you have gotten so thin. Have you always been thin. Can you eat whatever you want.How many calories are you consuming daily? Do you eat every day Or is it sporadic-like one meal on one day,2 meals on the net then just munch the next? Have you ever had a weight issue. This is a joke -go n lyrica and maybe you will gain weight lol. only say that cause we are friends and we have to have a sense of humor. too suggest seeing a nutritionist? What do your doctors say. May I ask how tall you think you ate and what you weigh. know you have lost alot of muscle I'm sure. looking forward to talking with you. I will call ya this week.
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