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What can I take to pass drug test?

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Inactive 23 Sep 2009

For some reason it did not list the medicine you are worried about showing up on the drug test. Most drugs will flush out with water in a few days to a week with the exception of Marijuana and benzodiazapines, ie, any tranquilizer. If you are trying to get pot out of your system, go to a health food store and ask them for a detoxifier for pot and they will help you although it is not a guarantee you will pass.They have people ask all the time, so, they do usually know what works. If it is some type of pill and it has been under a week since you took them, drink lots of water and juice, try to do some excercise where you sweat a bit and take a hot bath and soak with some epsoms salt in the bath water.You also will need to take some sort of vitamin with B in it to make sure your urine has some color. And a big Prayer won't hurt.Don't dehydrate yourself with the sweating, you might want to get some gatorade and drink just a bit of it. Good Luck. You can re ask the question and list what med you are worried about and someone else may have some answers.The health food store might have some answers for pills also that I am not aware of. free discount card

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