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What can I take for a contusion in the rotator cuff? Dr. prscribed muscel relaxers and pain meds bu?

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Inactive 29 Sep 2011

Hate to tell you this, but if the pain pills & muscle relaxers aren't working, you may need a surgical fix. My husband has had his right shoulder done & is getting the left one done very soon. It's not a fun surgery, but if you do as your doctor tells you , it will be a permanent fix...

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litlmommag 30 Sep 2011

I'm orry but I do disagree with one part of both statements I as well tore my cuff and had a lateral pull I als was given pain meds and muscle relaxers. The problem waas the pain increased and it was not getting better. So I went to anther dr he said to me why are u taking muscle relaxers you do realize that when the muscle is teared just like everything else that is torn you don't wanna stretch it stretching a tear more makes it worse. Now I have pain in my shoulder off and on and I have weakness in my left arm. He said I guess he thught it was just gonna glue itself back together. By the time I seen him it was to late todo anything about it. Now I do know people who have had cuff surgery and they say they still have problems also. So the surgery is your choice I wish I had it. But I'm glad I didn't take the muscle relaxers any longer the pain went away,and now I get cortizone shots in the shoulder thse help hurts like heck at fisrt t get but keeps me ut f pain fr months. Get opinions from 2 r 3 orthopedic drs then make a decision. Y/f jaime}lilmmmag

Inactive 30 Sep 2011

Hi Jaime, just my personal opinion , but did you have the dye shot in the shoulder to confirm a tear? My hubby has, & also emgs of hands & arms, which are both damaged because he waited too long to have the tear surgically fixed. This new tear on the left has bothered him for 2 years to where he cannot use the arm at all, plus he drops things etc... For some, maybe a wait & see atiitude is ok, but not in all cases. Just my opinion, & getting second opinion are great too, but his tests confirm it's the worst this doctor has ever seen. What prompted my husband to go was a huge lump on the back inbetween the shoulder & neck. I thought he might have a tumor, but luckily it is from the tear. Best of luck to all...

litlmommag 30 Sep 2011

I am so sorry Mary fr yur husbands pain I knw hw it is when you can't move the arm. What happened to me was I got pregnant and since I have rheumatic fever I was automatically high risk so they thought best not to do the surgery wants the dr said I needed it. So I've went through pain from it for 10 years soometimes not bad when it is I get the shot and it takes it away. It definatly isn't something you wanna wait t take care of. They showed me the tear on the test. Even now I goto a pain dr for my back and leggs I asked him what todo fr my shoulder he is sending me for test this week ill have to see how it goes. Good luck hope it gets managable soon y/f. jaime oh I drop things too.

Inactive 30 Sep 2011

That's so weird. Your had rheumatic fever, so did I! I wish you well my friend. Hope you see this message before you leave for the hospital. Rest well..Mary free discount card

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