Hi Hope everyone is pain free today I changed pain Dr today and he changed my meds. First of all I was on 6- 30 mg of oxycodone and 2- 15 mg of oxycodine a day which is a total od 220 mg a day With 2 mg of xanax.
Now I am on 3-40 mg oxycontin and 3 10 mg of percoet and robaxin 750 mg What can I expect as the other meds worked really good. But my new Dr said that it was way to many Short acting meds. My question is that Are the new meds.going to work as well? I have never taken oxycontin before and I keep reading all the bad things about this OP form of oxy being so bad. And for a muscle relaxer called Robaxin 750 mg.I have never heard of this before I am a CPP on total dissabetaly for the last 12 years. All I want is a quality of life without being all messed up.So can anyone tell me what to expect? Will I go through any withdrawls He also gave me 10- 0.1mg clonidine If I do feel withdrawls I am confused.
The Cleo