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What can I do to treat withdrawls from hydrocodone?

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Anonymous 14 Dec 2010

Hi marc1010,
Please google The Thomas Recipe for opiate withdrawals. 'Tis a list of over the counter and rx meds you will need while in withdrawal. Depending on how long and how much you were taking, you may have an easy time of it.
If you had this info you will better help us to answer your query. Also add how you were using the med, ie; ingesting it, snorting or injecting. I mean no offence by this, many people abuse opiates so 'tis a legitimate question.
Best wishes to you, and post often, let us know how you are doing.

Sh1thappns 14 Dec 2010

As soon as I read your question my eyes teared up because I know the pain of withdrawals. The best thing you can do is try (I know it hard) but try to drink lots of fluids like gatorade or ginerger ale helps some. I took NyQuil while going through withdrawals because the alchohol in it helped relax me and then the sleep-aid helped me to sleep. You might want to get some baby powder to help with the night sweats. I would go through 4 shirts a night because of sweating so bad. Try and eat fruits and even popsicles because they will help keep you from getting dehydrated. You might get diarrhea really bad but thats normal. Your body is just trying to get rid of all the opiates. Sleep is the best thing the first few days. You don't wanna make yourself do to much. Its not good on your heart. I will add you as a friend if you ever want someone to talk to Im here. Just Pm me.

Anonymous 14 Dec 2010

As Sh1happns said, change shirts often if you are pirspiring like Secretariat, and Pepto Dismal does help with that other horrid problem. This is all listed in The Thomas Recipe.
Good luck.
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