my boyfriend has been going to the methadone clinic for four years .he is down to i believe he went to the clinic and they would not dose him because he did not pass a breathalyzer due to his mouth wash.he is not a drinker.he tried to tell them that he used his mouth wash and after 15mins when they gave him another one and even tho it dropped they would not give him a dose.he went to work and had a very hard time being there.he wants to find a safe way to quit this because it is taken over his life.but is scared of the WD.right now he is at home andits killing me not to know how to help. its been 7hrs since i talked to him last because he doesnt want me to see him like this.i have never had any drug problems so i dont know what its like so i am reaching out to anyone that can help me help him.i cant sleep know that he is alone right now.