I'm really starting to feel bad, and I mean BAD!! I keep going from extremely cold.. then to really hot. When I say hot.. I mean, like.. literally sweating!! I haven't been in the "game" for a few years now and have lost contact with my "dealers".. so I don't even have anyone I could call to maybe get a couple of loricets or something like that to try and help kick the Methadone withdrawals... I mean, I literally feel like I'm dying. I can't go to the E.R. because I don't have ANY health insurance.. and certainly can't afford to go on my own accord. Does ANYONE have ANY ideas on what I could do to make this any easier on myself?? I certainly don't want to go out and relapse.. hell, like I said, even if I did.. I wouldn't be able to because I don't have any "contacts" to contact. I literally feel like I'm fuk'd. Can anyone help me out, please!!!