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What can happen if youre pain medicine is expired and you take it?

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14 Nov 2009

You didn't say how long it's expired by but I wouldn't worry about it. It should be just fine.

16 Nov 2009

It may have lost its' potency and will do nothing. Depends if it was kept in dry cool place or not.Heat and humidity ruin meds in general.


16 Nov 2009

How long has it been expired, and under what conditions, i.e. in a cool dark place? Sometimes they lose their potency, sometimes they get stronger, sometimes they do nothing. It depends on the drug.

17 Nov 2009

I would say First call your Pharmacy where you got the medication from and ask them. Secondly, I was told tat expired meds can be less effective. They also coul possibly make you sick or cause some sort of side effect. Try taking the expirerd medication back to your Doctor so he can prescribe you some fresh medicine.

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