juzz wondein if there R some ways that help the withdrawals frum subbz cuz iv'e been taken them furr just about 2 yrz. Startd with doin 3 8/2 mg a day and taperd down a half every 3-4 months (pretty much) n had a addiction to methadone before that furr round 2 yrz as well but, CLEAN with donez no urges with them. So about 2 weeks ago lost my job which had my insurance on, and was down to 28 8/2 mg subbz a month and doin good but, told myself if i was gettin unemployment i would quit subbz and since they would b EXPENSIVE w/out insurance( was payin NOTHING for films with that CARD-originally 60$) so, i plan on quittin cold turkey n got 2 8/2 mg subbz left. Longest i went w/out doin is 4 days and couldnt stop yawnin and reallly bad CHILLS. It's bout time for me to get clean and NOT hav to worry about gettin w/drawals!!!