Have been on subs for appx 5 years, when starting this treatment this same dr. told me if needed this medication can be a lifelong treatment. Now without any consideration of my thoughts, circumstances and relapse issues doc has cut daily dose to less than 2mg a day. I currently am suffering from horrible w/drawls, family and work severly impacted and doc isn't listening. His answer is new meds to counter wdrawl symtoms clonidine,amptriptline,RLS medication, etc. Does anyone have suggestion of what I can do to stop this taper? Is finding a new Doc a solution? I know I am not where current doc thinks I am as far as ready to be off subs, I am capable of relapsing if subs not available, as I have already used due to script running out. Please any suggestions any one has I will accept with open and non critical judgment. Thank you so kindly for reading this long question!!