I had a spinal fusion in 1997 / 3 level to sacrium. experiencing alot of pain there's burning down my legs. numbness in legs and feet. alot of pain walking. Can't sleep at night and alway's feeling down. I have 4 bulging disc there's a fracture above my fusion. I was told this was not uncommon when you have had a spinal fusion. Due to the stress on the other vertebrae is this true? They installed a spinal cord stimulator but I don't like how it feels it make's my body tingle to much and when you miss a step it shoots up your body. The doctor seems to think med's are the answer. I have medicare and blue cross and blue shield insurance. I was told that blue cross would not help much with my bill due to medicare being my primary insurance that doesn't make much sence to me. I am a disabled veteran and I have always tryed to figure out the best options. But now I feel there's a wall I can't climb. is there any answers out there Somebody help me please, John.