My 66 year old sister was put in the hospital for cancer complications and all of her meds were stopped. We tried to convince someone that she may need attention for withdrawals symtoms. "But how could a 66 yr. old, 80 lb. woman have drug withdrawals?"
She's been taking something (prescribed) for as long as I've known her. And we know she was taking Ambien, perscribed by a second doctor and doubling up on her Morphine Patches.
Well, no one listened until she was well into DT's. Completely bonkers!
She was 3 weeks in the hospital, 1 wk. in a nursing home, 1 wk. in a psych. unit and the last 2 wks., in phych. lock-down. No one can handle her. Will her dilierium subside after this long a time? Or is the damage done?