Hi. I have a problem and need help. My wife, who works as a CNA in a home-healthcare setting, brought home some medication that was prescribed for a patient. She claims the patient's mother (the patient being a late teen recovering after a coma) gave them to her, saying they were muscle relaxants and would help with my wife's chronic neck & back pain. The patient went into a coma after having been dispensed a potentially lethal dose of the wrong medication, so I find it hard to believe his mother would actually give my wife prescription meds. I suspect my wife stole them.

My wife has untreated mental health concerns (abused as a child) and has a tendency to turn to drugs like Lortab to disconnect, though she has not shown other signs of drug addiction. But I'm very concerned about this new development. I want to get her help, but the more details I have the more likely I will be able to help her.

I saw the pills from a short distance. They were blue capsules (the type with two ends that nest together with loose filled contents). Might have been two shades of blue, or blue & white, I can't remember for sure, but blue was definitely the predominant aspect. I saw that there was writing imprinted on them, but I couldn't make it out.

Any ideas? Blue capsules supposedly used as muscle relaxants, though possibly a heavy pain reliever? (Those are the two types of meds she has gravitated towards in the past.) Once I have some names I can look at the photos to confirm.

Again, my intention is to get her help and I will be contacting her employer ASAP so she cannot endanger anyone else with her irresponsible behavior.

Thank you for your help with this serious concern!!!