I have been dosed by some sort of mixture of some chemicals. I was dosed with three other people by a deranged fool. We were all dosed by this guy but it was a afterwork party, we all worked together so we did trust this guy somewhat. After he dosed us we were so tired that we went to sleep. We all woke up feeling like we were messed up. One of the girls was a former meth user and said it feels like meth or crank. It is now one week later and i have dialated pupils, and still have a fuzzy feeling in my head. It also seems that it slowly going away but this is getting tough to play off all the time. I am a tweeker, but not by choice. That night he did say something about he mixed bleach and ammonia and some other stuff. I was not paying too much attention at the time I had no idea. I understand that no matter what i have to deal with this, but is there anything I can do to help my brain and body recover? Why are my eyes dialated?? Can anyone not preach to me and give me some facts about what to do now???