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What are the withdrawls of suboxone?

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Inactive 10 Nov 2010

The WD of subs is the same as for opiates, a list of those can be found by googling the COWS worksheet, you may have to put in clinical opiate withdrawal scale. Some also report depression, anxiety and fever after coming off of it abruptly, too quickly for it to have healed the brain, or at too high a dose. I recently came off of it after 2 1/2 years with NO WITHDRAWAL. I slowly tapered down from 12 mgs to .25 mgs and then went 48 hours between .25 mgs as this is how it was suggested I minimize any withdrawal. There is a listing of how I did it and other info in my profile story, it may help, and you can click my avatar and read it if you want. I came here a bit over a year ago to try and find out how to taper, what to look for in order to tell if I was ready and how to get off and read some pretty scary stories. I was pretty scared but went to my counselor and asked her and she helped somewhat although technically she had never gotten anyone off of it. Then I came here and read some stuff and one member named mpvt suggested to walk to reboot the damaged natural pain relieving system in the brain, to produce endorphins which would make me feel better mentally and physically, and to regulate eat/sleep/wake cycles. I started my taper, when I got down to 4 mgs per day, asked my doctor for the 2 mgs pills instead of the 8's. When I got to 1 mg total per day, I began to walk with 15 minutes at first and gradually increasing it. I did something right because after all those horror stories and worry, I was completely withdrawal free and am still fine. Good Luck., Pattishan61

Inactive 10 Nov 2010

Hi ready2bdone,
As patti said 'tis the same as opiate WD. I did a cold turkey off of OxyContin, and a picnic it was not. Yet after over a year, I have my soul back, and it feels like a miracle!
Hope you are not too bad off. Please come here for support if you need it.
There are many understanding and non-judgmental people here that are happy to help.
Best wishes to you,
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