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What are the withdrawal symptoms of effexor, and when should they start apearing?

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LaurieShay 5 Nov 2011

Hey pappadaddy,

Withdrawal symptoms of Effexor include headache, diarrhea, brain zaps and general malaise. To quote the literature,

"While the discontinuation effects of Effexor have not been systematically evaluated in controlled clinical trials, a retrospective survey of new events occurring during taper or following discontinuation revealed the following six events that occurred at an incidence of at least 5%, and for which the incidence for venlafaxine was at least twice the placebo incidence: asthenia, dizziness, headache, insomnia, nausea and nervousness. Therefore, it is recommended that the dosage be tapered gradually and the patient monitored".

It is always best to taper off these type medications. The withdrawals will start appearing within the first 48 hours as Effexor is a relatively short acting medication.


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Bsteinbrueck 5 Nov 2011

Yeah I agree with Laurie. But i wanted to add my own experience in.
Remember nobody reacts to any medication exactly the same, but I've read similar situations from other people on here as well. When I was taking Effexor it seemed to work great. But if I would miss ONE day, the following day I would feel like crap. I would be more tired than usual and have less motivation too. My body would ache including joint pain and headaches. Sometimes I would be dizzy or disoriented too. I've heard more extreme symptoms from other people on here as well.
So long story short, if AT ALL possible, taper SLOWLY. You may still notice withdrawal symptoms, but hopefully at a much milder level.
Good luck to you.

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