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What are the symptoms of narcolepsy?

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Psyched 3 Sep 2009

Narcolepsy is marked by excessive sleepiness and frequent daytime sleep "attacks". These attacks can be preceded by drowsiness, but may not always be. These attacks usually last about 15-30 minutes and can occur numerous times a day. They usually happen when the person affected is doing an activity that requires little movement (such as driving or talking to someone) and more often than not they happen after the person has eaten. Some people report having dream-like hallucinations before the sleep attacks and others report having them while asleep. Sufferers of narcolepsy report feeling refreshed after these sleep attacks and some find them embarassing since they have no control over when and where they occur.

chad hanson 3 Sep 2009

thank you very much for the info. you provided me on narcolepsy.

MinaTarie82 14 Sep 2009

I also have narcolepsy and have other parasomnia attacks, such as sleep eating, sleep talking, sleep walking, I have conversations on the phone and do things with no memoiry of them. I take Provigil- which doesn't help me stay awake they are changing me to ritilan, Vicodin and klonpin at night to help sleep but I still can't sleep. In a month or so I am going on Xyrem which has all kinds of interactions and side effects but after 20 years of my narcolepsy side effects I am willing to try it, the worst part is knowing it will never go away, I have had 12 wrecks on which I almost died, I am no longer allowed to drive. I have multiple injuries and fractures from episodes of cataplexy, and I am not even able to work anymore because I could get injured by equipment, I used to fall asleep driving to work, fall asleep standing while working, it has been hell! My mom has narcolepsy also, as did my great grandma. free discount card

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