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What are the signs of withdrawls of painpills and how can I help my boyfriend get thru it?

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Anonymous 7 Apr 2011

If your boyfriend is withdrawing from opiate pain meds, here is a list of some of the WD symptoms;
panic attacks, depression, agitation, anxiety, muscle aches, increased tearing of the eyes, insomnia, runny nose, profuse perpiring, yawning, crawly feeling in feet/legs, diarrhea, vomitting, dilated pupils, goose flesh and nightmares. That is just a partial list. You can google The Thomas Recipe for a list of otc and rx meds he will need while in withdrawal if he is doing it cold turkey.
It is not a pleasant experience, and depending on how long he was taking pain meds it may take quite a while for him to feel better! Hang in there, time will heal him, yet if he shows signs of clinical depression, get him to a doc asap!!!
Best wishes,

caringsonbj 7 Apr 2011

I take chronic pain medication, I think from time to time (those of us who take it longterm get tired of the effects of it and think we can go off of it) from what you are saying this is not the case here, this allow us to get a taste of what withdrawl is all about, I have to be honest it is very difficult but he can do it, what Sweetlemon told you is a great pience of advice Hang In there! He can use words of encouragement, and I have read the Thomas recipe I am sure from what I read about it that it will also help, it takes time and the one thing about this it seems like it takes a long time but attitude and support have a lot to do with a positive outcome! I wish both of you the very best!!

shayhunt 12 Apr 2011

He is just sick and he takes vacdine an percs and hydros

Anonymous 12 Apr 2011

Hi Shay,
Is your boyfriend taking them for pain relief, or abusing them to get high, IF you don't mind me asking this? If he is using to get high, please try to encourage him to get clean, as opiate addiction can cause everything from emotional problems to fiancial disaster. Addicts will spend just about anything to get their hands on their drug of choice. Not judging, just saying.
Best wishes to you, free discount card

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