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What are the side effets of taking 45 percocet 7.5 500 in 5 days?

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Inactive 3 Feb 2012


The effect of 7.5 mg of oxycodone in the perc's... probably pain relief and constipation. Whatcha gotta b careful with is the amount of Tylenol in the perc's, which if one were to take over 4 grams a day (that is 8 perc's) for an indeterminate time... liver damage may ensue, and one does not survive without a liver.

So, right now, I believe you will be fine regarding this go round with the perc's, but if u need a higher dose of oxy... change to perc 10/500 or just plain ole oxy's without acetamenophen in them. Ya might wanna eat some prunes if you be clogged up. GO SEE YOUR DOC!

THE Hippie,

Inactive 3 Feb 2012

I totally concur with my Hippi Chick friend, Laura. Go see your doctor... Mary

Inactive 3 Feb 2012

There is no one on here like you. Thank you so much, but u have more knowledge than I, my friend.
Sweet Hippie Chick

Inactive 3 Feb 2012

Why thank you so much, tis a nice compliment, but I am no professional like you! Mary free discount card

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