While in the recovery room following Heart Ablation surgery, I was given an intravenous shot of Morphine and Dilauda by my regular nurse. Within a couple of minutes, a second nurse came in and put in another shot without saying anything. Our regular nurse stuck her head in the door and asked the other nurse what she was doing giving me a shot. Then they got into an argument over which one was my nurse. The second nurse was in error. I went into terrible convulsions two separate times. Finally I went to sleep about midnight and woke up sick and groggy -- a third nurse had given me a 3rd shot. The doctor never was told about this by his staff and we never saw him before my discharge, so he was not aware of it until we told him 7 months later. I need to know if what I have been suffering with since the 10/2008 surgery (lots of pain, cramps, numb feet and heavy feeling legs) could be related to the overdose. The doctor told us in May of this year that there would be an investigation, but we have heard nothing.