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What are the possible side effects of taking 15mg oxycodone hydrochloride and methadone?

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sweetpea602 31 Oct 2010

Hello lucky9,

Just go to Interactions checker on the top of the page. Can I ask, do you take the methadone for your chronic pain and OxyContin for breakthrough? You can always ask your doc! Good luck..Sweetpea

IhearttheOcean 31 Oct 2010

Since they are both similar medications, you will have increased effects of both meds. Its very. easy to overdose because of this so be careful

christineATU 31 Oct 2010

I agree with Ocean on this. The respiratory effects of methadone can last for several days, long after its' effectiveness has worn off. It could put you at risk without you even knowing it. Please be careful when mixing any type of meds that cause respiratory depression. Many doctors have made the mistake of starting patients on other opiates, not allowing enough time for the methadone (respiratory) effects to wear off. Please be safe.

Best wishes,

patrickaaron 2 Nov 2010

If you are taking methadone everyday as part of a MMT (methadone maintenance treatment) program you will most likely not feel any effects from the 15mg oxycodone. Be careful as it is dangerous to take any other opioids while on methadone, just because you dont feel the effects doesnt mean there isnt too much in your system. If you arent using methadone in part of a MMT program and you are just going to take oxy and meth, you will probably feel intoxicated and/or sleepy. What dose of methadone are you planning on taking? Just be careful, good luck. free discount card

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